Meet Celine

In 2015, Celine was at the pinnacle of her professional career serving as General Manager for a $180 million-dollar European supply chain provider of aviation and semiconductor hardware and tools in Singapore.  When her father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, that all changed. Celine took an extended leave of absence to care for her parents and twin children aged 6. Fast forward to 2021 where Celine has been based in Fernandina Beach for 2 years, the twins are 12 and Celine is an acclaimed trainer and consultant for strategy development, primarily for plant managers in Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as coaching banking professionals in Lean Agile deployment. In her spare time, Celine has become certified as an interior decorator, gained acclaim as a home organizing expert, and co-launched a new business with her husband, Kaizen Spaces.


Meet Mark

Mark started his career as a machinist for a large shipbuilder in Newport News, but early on moved to GE aviation where he earned his college degree and held various leadership roles in manufacturing and procurement. In 2006, Mark was hired by an English bank in Singapore to bring his process improvement skills (Lean & Six Sigma) to the finance department to help declutter the complex financial processes in a tightly regulated arena. Mark remained in Singapore for 15 years transiting to work for a large Market Research firm, and later started a consultancy firm working with manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and non-profit organizations, all around the theme of process efficiency. He moved to Fernandina beach in 2019 to be closer to his parents who had recently moved to the area. While in Florida, Mark has been a seconded professor for the National University of Singapore teaching Lean Six Sigma virtually from his home in Amelia Walk, the whole time looking and studying on how to transition his business to more of a Fernandina Beach centric model.

Together we are solving problems and creating better environments at home and at work.

Mark and Celine are driven by the conviction that the very tools and methods used to gain efficiency and order in the corporate world should and can be used at home and at work for non-corporate clients. Mark is the classic 80/20 kind of guy who storms through the first 80% of the project in a predetermined efficient manner, while Celine works with more of an attention to detail yet practical method. Working together, this team strikes a balance that delivers impact and speed to any project they are working on. Mark and Celine also learned through the years that solving problems and creating better environments is not done in secret, but rather under full collaboration with their customers, bringing them along the change curve, so that long after Mark & Celine leave a project, the owners are able to maintain the progress that was made. Simply put, Mark and Celine together make for a potent team that looks to overdeliver every step of the way.



Welcome to Kaizen Spaces, where our mission is to give the spaces and processes we touch the opportunity to deliver value to those that live and operate in them daily.